Julius Caesar and Final Exams

This coming week the 7th graders will finish reading Julius Caesar by Friday.  There will be two vocabulary quizzes this week:  the postponed Acts 1-2 quiz will be Monday and Acts 3-5 vocabulary quiz will be on Friday.

Each day in class, students will read assigned parts of the play and discuss questions for understanding, most of which will be assessed on the final exam on Thursday, May 26th.  Homework will focus each day this week on studying the vocabulary words and definitions.



Julius Caesar

7th Grade Literature & Composition students will read Julius Caesar through scene 1 of Act III this week.  For each act, students are assigned a part to read aloud in class, which they are expected to practice the previous day for homework.  This may include looking up word pronunciations and practicing reading aloud to work on fluency and voice inflection.

We will have a quiz on Friday over Vocabulary for Acts I-II.  There will be no homework on Wednesday due to the Science Museum field trip.

The Last Battle

This week we finish The Last Battle, explore its themes, and review essay writing.  Students will have the opportunity to work on essays both as classwork and homework.  The Last Battle test will be Monday, May 2nd.

We will begin Julius Caesar next week – please be sure your student has the text.

The Last Battle

We finish The Last Battle this week.  Students will spend time reading in class and each night for homework.  The following week students will work on essays and then we move on to Julius Caesar.  Please be sure to have your student bring his/her copy to school in order to prepare for this next text.

The Last Battle

This week, we look at the human virtues of wisdom, courage, responsibility, citizenship, and perseverance as they are exemplified in our text through the actions of the characters.  As the action in Narnia begins to rise and move toward a final conflict, we see these virtues in practice, and as Aristotle taught through his Golden Mean, we also see them in their excesses and defects.  For example, King Tirian is a courageous character, loyal to his subjects with a desire to protect them from attack and slavery.  However we also see his courage in excess as he acts with rashness in that desire to protect, even though his desire is justified and noble.  This rashness brings about great evil for Tirian and his kingdom in the end.

Students have a reading assignment each day for homework and a vocabulary quiz on Friday.  Be sure to ask your student about the text, as discussing it at home helps elevate participation in class.

Our next text will be Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

The Last Battle Begins!

We begin The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis this week.  Please make sure your student has a copy of the text that he/she is allowed to annotate.  Over the next three weeks, we will discuss all of the elements of story and character development, as well as themes such as friendship, loyalty, and courage.

Students will be given a list of ten vocabulary words on Monday to study throughout the week.  We will have a short quiz – matching and fill in the blank – on Friday.  Each day, students should also be prepared to answer basic comprehension questions on the previous night’s reading and/or write a short summary of the assigned text.

Literature & Composition

This week the students will be taking AzMERIT. Writing will be on Monday and Reading on Wednesday and Friday.  We will not be having homework this week, so it is a great time for students to work on binder organization, study grammar and diagramming notes, and complete missing assignments if applicable.  In addition, the students should be getting good night’s sleep and bringing a low sugar/high protein snack.

Literature & Composition

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing spring break.  This week we will continue working with the AZMerit practice materials, reviewing reading comprehension strategies, and analyzing and evaluating various types of writing.

AZMerit testing for reading and writing will take place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week.

Please be sure to order The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis if you have not done so to date, as this will be our next literature text.

This week in Literature & Composition, students continue working on their Poe essay writing assignment.  The focus for this essay will be the thesis statement, introduction, and topic sentences.  Students will then take one of those topic sentences to create a supporting paragraph.

We will end the week with poetry reading, comparing and contrasting student choices with The Raven.