This week the students took their test on right triangles and radicals. Overall the students were very successful on this test. They received their test back on Thursday and have until next Monday (May 9th) to complete test corrections if they choose. I recommend that each student who earned lower than a C complete the test corrections. We then started our unit on polynomials. The students discussed how to add and subtract polynomials and multiply and divide when one of the polynomials is a monomial. Next week, the students are going to be taking their final Galileo benchmark test and continuing the polynomial unit. They will be discussing how to multiply and divide all polynomials, not just monomials.


Challenge Problem Answers:

HW #106 – #16) -19; #17) Start with 5, multiply by x, subtract 2, multiply by x, add 4, multiply by x, add 7, multiply by x, subtract 9

HW #107 – #18) 3y^2-9y-4; #19) p-9p-1; #20) –z^2-2z+4

HW #108 – #25) -125a^21; #26) [81b^8]/16


Wall Challenge Problem Answers:

No Wall Challenge Answers this week as we are keeping the three problems up for next week.