The Last Battle

This week, we look at the human virtues of wisdom, courage, responsibility, citizenship, and perseverance as they are exemplified in our text through the actions of the characters.  As the action in Narnia begins to rise and move toward a final conflict, we see these virtues in practice, and as Aristotle taught through his Golden Mean, we also see them in their excesses and defects.  For example, King Tirian is a courageous character, loyal to his subjects with a desire to protect them from attack and slavery.  However we also see his courage in excess as he acts with rashness in that desire to protect, even though his desire is justified and noble.  This rashness brings about great evil for Tirian and his kingdom in the end.

Students have a reading assignment each day for homework and a vocabulary quiz on Friday.  Be sure to ask your student about the text, as discussing it at home helps elevate participation in class.

Our next text will be Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.