Newton’s Laws this week in Physical Science

This week in Physical Science we will be wrapping up our discussion of Kinematics and begin to discuss Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. Altho Newton first formulated these laws in 1687, they have proved well suited to most forms of motion even in the present day, over three hundred years later. They do break down where relativistic or quantum effects start to dominate, but fortunately, most of these situations are beyond the purview of a 7th grade science class.

For up to 5 points of extra credit, students can hand in the following problem in class on Monday:

A 747 jetliner has a cruising speed of about 250 m/s. Assuming it travels this speed for the entire flight (that is, neglecting time spent for take-off and landing), how long (in hours) would it take for a 747 to fly from Phoenix to New York City? Show all work, and clearly indicate what value you looked up for the distance from Phoenix to New York.