Probability Test

This week we will finish our probability unit. Monday we are discussing probability within dependent events and Tuesday we are discussing estimating probabilities. After Monday, ask your student what the difference is between independent and dependent events. (Independent events are events that do not have an effect on each other and dependent events are events that effect the other.)

Our test is on this Friday, February 26th. The students will get their review on Tuesday, we will have time on Wednesday (and a little on Thursday) in class to work on the review, and then go over the review on Thursday during the second part of class. Please remind your students to be studying for the test by going back through their notes and reviewing definitions and reviewing their homework and review.

Challenge Problems:

HW #77 – #30) 1 to 8; #31) 5/8; #32) 1/9

HW #78 – #20) 11 to 9

HW #79 – #15) a) 5/18; b) 13 to 5; #16) a) 2/9; b) 7 to 2; #5) 3/16