The Third Conjugation & the NLE

For the last couple of weeks students have been working through Chapter 8 of their Latin textbooks, practicing more with the third declension of nouns and also becoming acquainted with the third conjugation of verbs, which is different from the first and second conjugations that we learned at the beginning of the year. We will continue to practice with recognizing these forms of nouns and verbs and forming them outside of translation.

This upcoming week will be primarily used for reviewing information for the NLE, the National Latin Exam. The NLE is a test taken by Latin students across the country at all levels, and while it has no bearing on a student’s grade it can be a fun experience, and if students do well, they may win prizes! We will be going over past exams for practice and to learn information that may not necessarily be included in our textbook, but that will be useful for Latin students along the road.

Parents should be aware that students have been assigned a project, which will be due on March 4. They are tasked with creating a poster that tells the class about a famous Roman from history. Each student’s assigned figure and the requirements for the poster can be found on the project sheet distributed in class.