Diagramming, Poe, and Literary Elements

This week 7th graders begin by testing their knowledge of clauses- adverb, adjective, and noun-  and the way in which they work in sentences through diagramming.

We also continue our Poe selections by comparing and contrasting the narrative story elements of The Black Cat, The Tell-Tale Heart and the Masque of the Red Death.  Students will identify literary elements in The Cask of Amontillado and The Pit and the Pendulum.  Themes within these tales will also be explored as well as the idea of truth, goodness, and beauty as seen, or NOT seen, within the context of these literary selections.

Students will take a quiz on Friday that will include a section on diagramming this week’s Daily Diagram content as well as comprehension questions on our Poe readings.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Grammar tutoring will be moved to Tuesday, February 9th after school.