3D Figures to Probability

This past week, the students discovered how to find the volume and surface area for multiple types of 3D figures. They determined the volume for prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, and spheres. They also determined the surface area of prisms, cylinders, and spheres. This weekend, they should be finishing up on their review packet and making sure that the know the formulas for volume and surface area. Their test is this week on TUESDAY! Please ask your student(s) to tell you the formulas and what they mean.

After the test, we are going to be starting our unit on probability. First we will discuss the difference between permutations and combinations and then we will discuss the probability of an event occurring.

Answer to Challenge Problems:

HW #69 – #7) 21.5%

HW #70 – #4)8,000 cubic centimeters

HW #71 – pg 333 #21) 18 cubic centimeters; #22) 6 m; pg 334 #4) 62.5 cubic meters

HW #72 – #20) a) 95 pi square units; b) 30 pi square units; c) 140 pi square units