The Third Declension and Indirect Statement

For the past couple of weeks in Latin I, we have been reviewing past information about grammar and translation, as well as adding new information to our knowledge of Latin.

In Chapter 6, students learned how to conjugate the verbs sum  and possum, which translate as “I am” and “I am able.” They also learned how to translate complementary infinitives in phrases like, “I am accustomed to live in Rome,” or, “I want to walk with my friends.”

In Chapter 7, so far we have learned how to decline the third declension of nouns, which contains more Latin nouns than each of the other four. We have begun to use these nouns in translation.

During this upcoming week, we will continue to work with the third declension and will also begin to learn about the use of indirect statements in Latin in order to translate phrases like, “Vergil says that fortune favors the bold.”