Geometry – 3D Figures

Last week the students finished up their unit on graphing and took their unit test on Friday. They will be getting their test back at the beginning of next week (please be on the lookout for it and ask how they did on it).

This coming week, the students will be starting their unit on geometry with respect to 3D figures. We will be reviewing how to find area of shapes and applying that to find surface area of 3D figures.

Logic Wall Problem Answers:

Problem #1 – Special Date (1/4/16): Solution #1 – multiply by 4 each time; Solution #2 – all square roots; Solution #3 – 1 and 4 are both factors of 16; Solution #4 – 4^0=1; 4^1=4; 4^2=16

Problem #2 – Game of 24: Solution #1 – (1+5)*(9-5); Solution #2 – 4*5-5+9