Review & Group Skits

In Latin I this past week, we reviewed the passive voice, which students worked with just before Thanksgiving break. They were quizzed on passive verb charts and translations using the passive voice, and we will be going over the translation aspect of this assessment during the upcoming week.

Last week we also filled out an extensive review packet that tested students’ memory of concepts from all throughout the first semester. We will be continuing to go over answers at the beginning of this week.

Aside from finishing up with last week’s material, this week will consist mostly of review and a focus on translation. Starting now students will be required to explain to use of noun cases when translating a sentence, rather than just identifying a noun’s gender, case and number.

Finally, students will be working on a minor project this week: groups of three and four will present a short skit that tells a Graeco-Roman story or myth. Groups chose their projects last week and will be performing their skits for the class on Friday.