Percent Applications

This past week, we have working with percentages. Recently the students learned how to find percent increases and percent decreases and where those can be found out of the classroom. This coming week we will finish our unit on percentages with discounts, how percentages relate to proportions and interest. At the end of this week, the students will be getting their review packets for the final (which is on Thursday, December 17th). The students will get time in class to start working on the review packet and will discuss best ways to study for the final.

The students have test corrections due this Friday, December 11th. Please ask your student how they are doing on their test corrections and to come see me if they need help with them.

Challenge Problem Answers:

HW #52 – #17) rate 1 = 62 km/h and rate 2 = 74 km/h

HW #54 – #12) a) 20% b) 12.5% c) 32.5%