Monday and Tuesday of this week we’ll be finishing up our final color still-life projects.

We will conclude our first semester with grading finals and short review of the material we have learned from the beginning of the school year.


Review Week

This past week in Ancient History class was singularly devoted to reviewing what has been covered throughout the semester. This review will continue on Monday and Tuesday. Please encourage the students to study for their final exam.

Finals Week

This past week, we finished up working with percents including commission, royalty, and discount problems as well as interest problems. The students also received their final review packet and started working on it in class.

Next week, we will continue to review for the final on Monday and Tuesday. The math final is Thursday, December 17th. Please help you student by asking them questions about what they have learned and have them explain how to complete problems to you.

Challenge Problem Answers:

HW #57 – #9a) 108 degrees; #9b) $3,600,000

Percent Applications

This past week, we have working with percentages. Recently the students learned how to find percent increases and percent decreases and where those can be found out of the classroom. This coming week we will finish our unit on percentages with discounts, how percentages relate to proportions and interest. At the end of this week, the students will be getting their review packets for the final (which is on Thursday, December 17th). The students will get time in class to start working on the review packet and will discuss best ways to study for the final.

The students have test corrections due this Friday, December 11th. Please ask your student how they are doing on their test corrections and to come see me if they need help with them.

Challenge Problem Answers:

HW #52 – #17) rate 1 = 62 km/h and rate 2 = 74 km/h

HW #54 – #12) a) 20% b) 12.5% c) 32.5%

Review & Group Skits

In Latin I this past week, we reviewed the passive voice, which students worked with just before Thanksgiving break. They were quizzed on passive verb charts and translations using the passive voice, and we will be going over the translation aspect of this assessment during the upcoming week.

Last week we also filled out an extensive review packet that tested students’ memory of concepts from all throughout the first semester. We will be continuing to go over answers at the beginning of this week.

Aside from finishing up with last week’s material, this week will consist mostly of review and a focus on translation. Starting now students will be required to explain to use of noun cases when translating a sentence, rather than just identifying a noun’s gender, case and number.

Finally, students will be working on a minor project this week: groups of three and four will present a short skit that tells a Graeco-Roman story or myth. Groups chose their projects last week and will be performing their skits for the class on Friday.

What is Civilization?

New material for the semester concluded with the unit on Ancient Israel. For the next week and a half, the students will be reviewing previous material in preparation for the final exam.

To begin this review, students were asked on Thursday and Friday to think back on the initial question that was asked at the beginning of the semester—namely, the question as to the nature of civilization. Given that the students now have some historical data at their disposal, that they have spent the semester learning about various civilizations of the Ancient Near East, they were better suited to engage the question in a less abstract manner.

Last week we already started working on our final project and this week we will continue it. While executing our still life project we are also going to review our 1st semester knowledge.

A Christmas Carol Begins This Coming Week… Really!

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
Albert Einstein

In the interest of working at a greater depth on our thesis statements for The Call of the Wild this past week, we delayed our start of A Christmas Carol to this coming Monday.  We will finish the text on Thursday and begin review for final exams on Friday.  A list/packet of review items will be given out at the end of the week and we will spend the following Monday/Tuesday before finals strictly reviewing material from the semester that will be included on the exam.