The Call of the Wild Begins (Audio Link Available)

This week we start reading The Call of the Wild.  We will begin with analyzing the  poem that introduces chapter 1 and read pages 3-21 together in class in order to understand the exposition, or beginning action of the plot, and understand the characters introduced.  Students will be working on defining and properly spelling vocabulary from chapters 1-5 with a quiz over words from chapters 1-3 this coming Friday.

Themes for discussion will center on Buck’s traits and how they help or hinder him as his life is altered from a cultured environment to one in which primitive law is needed for survival.  We will discuss the development, or retrogression, of his character and the lessons Buck learns as he fights for his own existence in the Yukon territory.

It is often helpful to listen to the book read aloud as the students read along and mark the text.  For students interested in listening to the text click the following link:   Audio Link