Equations and Inequalities

This past week, the students have been working with solving for variables in equations and inequalities. They have their first test of the quarter on Tuesday. Please remind them to study for it as this seems to be a toughest material we have covered thus far in the quarter. A good way to help them study is to ask them to explain how they completed a homework problem or have them to some of the problems that weren’t assigned on the homework (I do not assign each problem in each section so there are more they can work on to help them study). You can also ask them what we do when we multiply or divide by a negative number in an inequality problem.
At the end of next week we will start discussing geometry concepts. We will begin with lines and planes and then go into circles.
Challenge Problem Answers:
HW #33: #37) x=2 or x=-2; #38) g=7 or g=-7; #39) d=1 or d=-1
HW #34: #37) a=-124; #38) x=-0.8; #39) n=-1.8072
HW #35: No Challenge
HW #36: #51) -1.7>b; #52) t>7.4375
HW #37: No Challenge