Grammar Review and Verbal Phrases

Last week in Literature-Composition, students worked together to prepare and present a section of grammar review to the class.  We covered sentences, parts of speech, complements (direct/indirect objects and predicate nominatives/adjectives), and prepositional phrases.  We will finish those presentations Monday and move from prepositional phrases to verbal phrases – verbs that act as nouns, adjectives, and adverbs- with discussion of participles and infinitives.  We will finish with appositives and their phrases before a quiz over all phrases on Friday.

All students should have Call of the Wild in class this week.  It is helpful in our class discussions to have the correct ISBN number (978-0-439-22714-8), so that students can easily find text references.  We will spend short amounts of time this week with pre-reading while finishing our grammar unit.

Homework should now include some study over concepts learned previously, by taking 5-10 minutes a day to ensure memorization of helping/linking verbs and each part of speech.  Daily review of notes taken in class and handouts is an effective way to keep the grammar concepts fresh and review difficult material, such as the types of pronouns and verbs.