Grammar…The Skill in Art Making

“I think most people agree there is a component of skill in art making; you have to learn grammar before you learn how to write.”  Chris Van Allsburg

We return to grammar with a review of the 8 parts of speech as well as direct and indirect objects, predicate nominatives, and predicate adjectives. Students should be able to list the parts of speech without  hesitation – feel free to quiz them at random.  We will continue on with prepositions, participles, infinitives, and appositives, along with their phrases.  We will have a quiz on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week to check understanding.

We will also be starting Call of the Wild by Jack London (ISBN 9780439227148) next week.  Please have your student bring the text to keep in his/her locker by the end of this week so that we are all ready to begin on Monday.