Latin Verbs & Conjugations

This week in Latin I we made our first foray into the world of verbs and learned that, just as nouns have families called declensions, verbs have families called conjugations. At the beginning of the week, students learned how to tell whether a verb belongs to the first or second conjugation based on its infinitive, the most basic form of a word, which uses the word “to.” For instance, the infinitive in English of the word “love” is “to love,” and the Latin infinitive would be amare.

In the following days, students learned about the properties of verbs and how to conjugate them in proper Latin. They are now able to give the present tense forms of any first/second conjugation verb in first, second and third person in singular or plural. In English we do so like this:

I love                        we love
you love                   you all love
he/she/it loves      they love

All of the classes also turned in their etymology tree projects, in which students chose a Latin word and designed a tree to display five English derivatives of that word. We presented these on Friday.

This upcoming week we will continue to do work with verbs, and students will be quizzed on conjugations on Thursday.