Greek Heroes and Spelling

The lay records the records the labours, and the praise,                                              And all the immortal acts of Hercules.                                                                          First, how the mighty babe, when swathed in bands,                                                          The serpents strangled with his infant hands.                                                                      (VIRGIL, Aeneid)

We will begin this week with a discussion of Chapters 7 & 8 and the use of irony in the story of Perseus and Acrisius, fate, and free will.  Throughout the week we will also compare mortals and immortals, read the story of Virtue and Vice, and chart the Labours of Hercules.  Additionally, we will search for textual references to find out how the Greeks viewed particular ideas, such as hospitality, the role of death, heroism, and the relationship between mortals and immortals.

New this week is spelling!  The students will have a 20 word spelling list.  The words in this list are all related to Greek words that were used 2500 years ago!  Students will be asked to explore each word’s part of speech, definition, Greek origin and meaning, plus create an original sentence reflecting their understanding of the word.