The First Declension

This week students began to learn more about how to use the first declension–that is, the family of nouns that all end with an “a.” Some of the vocabulary words in this declension, or family, are nauta (sailor), puella (girl) and poeta (poet). We especially practiced declining words of this declension and memorizing the various forms. Each noun can be written in ten different forms to reflect how it is used in a sentence: a singular and a plural form for all of the five usual cases, which we learned about last week. Students now know how to fully decline this declension of “a” nouns and can translate basic sentences in Latin, recognizing the function of the word based on its case, or form.

We also learned about the various magistrates of Roman government on Thursday, getting a feel for how politics worked in the Late Republic and Empire.

This week we will be diving into more translations and working through Latin sentences together. There will be a quiz on this on Thursday. On Friday, we will begin to learn the vocabulary from Chapter II of the textbook.