Welcome to Latin I!

During our first week, we took a crash course in English grammar and sentence diagramming to introduce students to some of the concepts we will be working with this year. We also started to learn how to use Latin words to guess the meanings of English derivatives. For instance, the students’ favorite English derivative was “defenestrate,” which comes from the Latin word for window and means “to throw (someone) out of a window.”

This upcoming week will be very exciting, especially for those students who have not yet studied Latin. We will be learning about the letters of the alphabet and practicing pronunciation. We will have a simple quiz on these topics on Thursday, and after the quiz the students will do an activity to learn about the twelve Olympian gods.

For students who have already had Latin, the first couple of weeks will be mostly review, but this will be a good opportunity for them to solidify their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, as well as sweep away some cobwebs from the summer.

I look forward to an exciting year of Latin and Ancient Roman culture!